Yunlin is a flat land lying east of Taiwan strait and west of nantou county which specializes in agricultural activities producing crops such as pomelos, tea leaves, papaya and musk melon. As such, development is minimal in this area which results in older population having to live by themselves while the young seek their career elsewhere.
Shuzijiao Church is a centuries old east meet west Catholic church with a dazzling myraid of colors and blocks of white structures. A very amazing sight to behold with Mary and Jesus venerate with incensed burners akin to fellow Buddhist worshippers.
Visitors beware, Moore garden is insanely gorgeous with its Spanish inspired architecture, fountain, tiled Mosaic artwork, Mosaic Moroccan lamps and every details made to mimic European style, one would be crazy not to visit it. As the saying goes, fake it till you make it. Complete your visit with pizzas, risottos, paella before taking instagram worthy selfies with the amazing backdrop to look and feel like Europe yet costing a fraction of it.
Nature lovers would hate to miss this 10,000 year old gorge aka mini “grand” canyon of Taiwan to admire the terrains formed by glacial movements and erosions.
A special shout out goes to the Chenglong village which was remodelled from a dull looking village into a bright and cheery village. With a playful Mosaic theme in mind, walls are repainted with colorful graffiti fishes and haphazardly placed tiles, cute sea creatures made of Mosaic tiles, pavilion created with oyster shells and everything else imaginable to represent the history of this farming village. Despite the efforts to revamp its exteriors in a bid to revive this gorgeous village, it went largely unnoticed after battering several typhoons. Elderlys in the village are left to their own defences without substantial income from tourism. Though not as glamorous as man made tourism attractions, chenglong village is a good for the laid back feel, rustic vibes and photo worthy backdrops.