Updated on: September 25, 2017


Originating in Henan, China, Bangzi Opera presents the characteristics of the sincerity, passion and boldness of Northern China.  It is suffused with the forthright, bold, and unconstrained spirit of Northern China.  The Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company was established in Zuoying, Kaohsiung over sixty years ago.  Led by Wang Hai-Ling, the Empress of Taiwan Bangzi Opera, and the fresh blooms of the younger generation of performers, the Company constantly strives forward in the creation of new works, blending in local arts and culture and synthesizing a uniquely Taiwanese form of Bangzi Opera.  Every year, the Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company mounts a new production, bringing elite artists of the modern theater together in interdisciplinary and intercultural collaboration.  The Company also vigorously pursues its educational mission, promoting Bangzi Opera at home and abroad to wide acclaim.

The Gallery

The Gallery