Updated on: May 7, 2017


The Luodong Forestry Culture Park used to be one of the three major timber industrial sites in Taiwan. It is now both a historical site and nature reserve, a place perfect for a short getaway from the urban city life.

Many of the facilities used during the Japanese colonial period, when the park was a thriving timber industrial site, were well-preserved and deemed as historical sites. They have been transformed into exhibition areas to educate the public of the rich history and cultural value of the park.

The main part of the Luodong Forestry Culture Park is the forestry exhibition area where it is divided into two spaces – the indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces. Enter the lives of the timber workers in the indoor exhibition space that showcases the Japanese architectural dormitories and old warehouses. While in the outdoor exhibition space, learn how a typical day of the timber worker went about with exhibitions of the old Zhulin Station building, log-transporting train tracks, steam engines, a log storage pool and more.

The log storage pool which was man-made has now become part of the ecology system where wildlife such as frogs and fireflies thrive during the warmer seasons. Surrounding the pool are two hiking trails namely, the Wood Shavings Trail and the Round-the-Pool Trail. Nature lovers would be delighted to know that the Round-the-Pool trail features a birdwatching path and wall for the public to observe wild birds in action.

The Gallery

The Gallery