Updated on: August 29, 2017


Take on new experiences at the Wushigang Harbor where it offers a variety of fun activities! It is a surfer paradise with a surfing beach, plenty of shops to rent surfing equipment and even lessons available to newbies who wish to take up surfing. There is a Wushi Port Visitor Centre with unique sailing theme architecture located in the middle of the port, opposite the Lanyang Museum. Both buildings are photographic hotspots in the area.

The harbour features a wharf for leisure yachts and boats where expeditions out to sea are often organised with whale-watching tours being the most popular. From Wushigang Harbour, whale-watching boats sail out to the Pacific Ocean where the common bottlenose dolphins, spinner dolphins, pygmy killer whales and sperm whales can usually be spotted.

A harbour by the sea is not complete with the freshest seafood offered at the harbour’s fish market that is extremely popular with tourists. With its many charming features, the Wushigang Harbour can get quite crowded during the weekends hence its best to plan a trip avoiding the peak hours to get the most out of one’s visit there.

The Gallery

The Gallery