Updated on: August 5, 2017


Sabelina is a charming craft store that not only sells craft materials and handmade items, it organises crafting classes opened to the public as well.

The name ‘Sabelina’ was inspired by Andersen’s renowned fairy tale, ‘Thumbelina’. It is the name of the store’s mascot who is a small angel portrayed as friendly and kind. Sabelina’s aim is to spread the joy of handicraft and Taiwan’s culture through its own D-I-Y techniques.

Amongst the various craft materials, Sabelina specialises in stamps and ink pads. The brand has developed clear stamps that can be used on different types on materials, such as paper, plastic, ceramic, metal and cloth, in various ways. Sabelina’s patented ink pads come in thousands of colours, allowing the handicraft person to produce pretty stamped products limited only to one’s creativity.

Sabelina spreads the love of handicraft by opening crafting classes to the public, regardless of age. These classes share DIY techniques and the various creative uses of the clear stamps. Children get to play with various colours through the ink pads and bring out their creativity accompanied by their innocence while adults discover the different ways of ink stamp that could also be integrated with other types of handicraft techniques.

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The Gallery