Updated on: January 1, 2018


Lin Mei Shihpan Trail 林美石磐步道 located in Jiaoxi township, Yilan county, Taiwan is another move by the provincial government pushing for the greater majority to appreciate nature wonders.
Lin Mei Shihpan trail is an approximate 3.1km trail away from civilization which compromises of dirt road and woodland boardwalk where visitors can comfortably hike to catch a glimpse of the area while taking in the sights and sound of nature.
Watch the world unravel as the scenes change from a forest landscape to a dirt path, a proper cemented path with little pebbles, winding river and bridges, rustic boardwalk, mini waterfalls amidst the lush greenery and finally to the Lin Mei Shihpan waterfall.
Lin Mei Shihpan waterfall gushing down several huge boulders of irregular shapes make it seem as though there are numerous outlets of water streaming down. With the vegetation and waterfall against huge boulders, it is truly a mesmerizing sight to behold.
Do be forewarned that as the trail has little to no difficulty, it tends to be very crowded during public holiday or weekends.

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