Updated on: August 13, 2017


At Luodong Township in Yilan County, the Luodong Night Market is one of Taiwan’s biggest and most crowded night market. With aplenty of delicious street food, shopping and entertainment under one roof, it is a market that can satisfy the foodie, shopaholic and the bored. Fill your tummy with Taiwan’s authentic street food like mutton herbal soup, pan-fried spring onion pancake, ice tapioca stuffed with red bean, noodles with duck parts and more. With the variety of street food, nobody will go hungry in this market!

Besides treating yourself to some of the best street food in Taiwan, shop to your hearts’ content at the night market with stalls selling clothes, toys and several other merchandises. There are also arcade games available for those who wish to relive their childhood at a thrifty price. It is definitely a place worth sacrificing some of your sleep for.

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The Gallery