Yilan 宜蘭 is a county situated in northeastern Taiwan and is home to the indigenous Kavalan and Atayal tribes since a very long time ago. With picturesque nature of mountains and sea surrounding Yilan, it comes as no surprise that hot springs, nature trails, and scenic view attracts millions of tourist annually. Similar to other county, Yilan concentrates mainly on agriculture activities as the nearby ocean and rivers provide abundant nourishment for crops to flourish. Inhabitants still live mainly in traditional hut like homes to better tend to their crops. Trek up the mountains to the top of wufengchi waterfalls, pick fresh tea leaves at shyang yeu organic tea plantation, indulge in breathingtaking views of white and pink plum blossoms at the plum lake or soak up some youthful spring water at jiaoxi or Jioujhihze hotspring park and visit luodong night market for some local delicacies. Do visit yilan for a relaxing getaway.