Updated on: July 26, 2017


Appreciate nature’s masterpieces at Xiou Ye Liu ‘小野柳’, a small coastline located just outside Taiwan’s South-Eastern city of Taitung. These masterpieces are rock formations, sculpted by the waves of the sea, resulting in a brilliant exhibition for all to admire.

With the various types of rock formations, the locals distinguished them from their shapes by naming them after things they resemble. There are tofu rocks, mushroom rocks, honeycomb rocks and many more others that would make one be reminded of how amazing nature is.

Visitors who wish to learn more about these rocks are very much welcomed to visit the Tourist Service Centre which has a geological exhibition hall. The hall showcases rock samples and meticulously-designed replicas from Xiou Ye Liu to introduce the geological features of the area. Located at the entrance of Xiou Ye Liu, the Tourist Service Centre is the best place to start before heading out to the scenic area.

The Gallery

The Gallery