Updated on: June 30, 2018


Located near east of Taitung City, the Taitung Forest Park is nicknamed “Black Forest” by the locals due to the dark forest of beefwood in the park. Bicycles trails through the Forest park are well-established, allowing visitors to enjoy nature and explore the entire park while riding through the 280-hectares park. A bike rental station is available at the entrance of the park.

Taitung Forest Park does not only have trees and cycling trails, there are three beautiful lakes on its premises, with each different from the other. The first lake is called Pipa lake (琵琶湖) which is a natural wetland where freshwater fishes can be seen frisking through the clear water. With clean water and the abundance of fishes, this lake has become the habitat to various waterbirds and plants. The next lake is man-made and is called Flowing Lake (活水湖) where it is a popular place for various kinds of water-related competitions. The lake is also connected to the Pacific Ocean. The last lake is called Egret Lake (鷺鷥湖) which was renovated once and like what its name suggests, a great number of Egrets would fly in to settle down when the season is right. All three lakes are special features of the forest park and definitely worth visiting.

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