Updated on: August 6, 2017


Sanxiantai is an area consisting a headland that offers a picturesque view of a small island in the sea. The name ‘Sanxiantai’ means ‘terrace of the three immortals’ which came about due to the prominent feature of the three rocks making up the island. The beach by the headland stretches up to ten kilometers in length and ends with a scallop-designed bridge that connects to the island. Visitors are able to appreciate the views of the coastal area while strolling across the bridge towards the island which features potholes, caves and coastal vegetation free for all to explore. Besides exploring the island on foot, skin diving is a common activity due to the surrounding multitude of coral reefs and tropical fishes.

With so many natural wonders and ecology features around the scenic area, visitors can drop by the Sanxiantai visitor centre to learn more about what the area can offer.

The Gallery

The Gallery