Updated on: August 6, 2017


Think beautiful clear blue skies and wide patches of green fields that go on forever into the horizon – this is Lu Yeh Highland. The green fields are littered with slopes that go as high as 350 meters. With its wide spaces and green hills, the place became a hot spot for paragliding and hot air balloon activities in summer.

Every year, tourists and locals alike would flock to Lu Yeh Highland to enjoy the popular hot air balloon festival. The highland is the only place in Taiwan with legal permit to operate hot air balloons. Do not just appreciate the balloons from afar, jump into one of them and have a ride of your life time! Local and international balloon pilots would seize the opportunity to show off their ride.

Besides hot air balloon, paragliding is a sweet treat of an adventure to get into as the views from atop the hills can be rewarding especially when the area is clear of fog. For those less adventurous, kick back and relax on the grass field while admiring the scenic views Lu Yeh has to offer.

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The Gallery