Taitung is blessed with a picturesque scenery and a steady stream of ocean breeze with thanks to its ideal location situated between the ocean and mountains at the mouth of east rift valley.
With rustic architectures from the settlers of the past littered along the roads of Taitung, this is an area largely undisturbed by the fast paced developments made to Taiwan which makes it a very real representation of what Taiwan has to offer.
History buffs would be delighted to roam around the national museum of prehistory or Beinan cultural park for some delightful artefacts which showcases the lifestyles and habits of inhabitants from the middle to late period of the Neolithic Age approximately 5,300 years ago.
For a truly relaxing experience, explore the gorgeous beaches and inhale some fresh oxygen via a biking trip through Taitung Seashore Park and Taitung Forest Park.
Should you be lucky enough to coincide with the international balloon fiesta, do not miss the chance to ride in a hot air balloon and reach for the skies. Do visit Ata Aboriginal Culture Craft for some uniquely hand crafted gifts.
While enjoying it all, do not forget to try out their wide variety of local delights and international cuisines.