Updated on: July 23, 2018


Yin Yang Sea 陰陽海 located within the northern coast of Ruifang district, Taipei, Taiwan is a rare phenomenon where the entire bay is covered in two different shades – yellow and blue.
Inspired by the Chinese principle of yin and yang where there are two sides to everything, this is how Yin Yang Sea derived its namesake being a perfect example of having two different sides forming a whole.
While many people might be bewildered by such a unique phenomenon of mother nature, others simple indulge in the beauty of Yin Yang Sea by taking numerous snapshots and selfies while basking in all its glory.
As the saying goes, there is no rose without thorns, such beautiful sceneries usually comes at a price.
While Taiwan is currently a pretty developed area, their pot of gold came largely from their ample deposits within the grounds. Years of mining activities caused pollution to the area surrounding such mines and it is precisely such heavy metal pollutants of insoluble iron ores and pyrite deposits that created the Yin Yang sea phenomenon.
While such gorgeous landscape is irresistible, visitors are not recommended to step into the waters as it could be harmful to humans.
While enjoying attractions along the northern coast, do pay Yin Yang sea a visit.

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