Updated on: June 6, 2018


Located in the north of Beitou, Taiwan, Yangmingshan national park 陽明山國家公園 was formerly known as grass mountain and president Chiang Kai Shek renamed it as such to commemorate Wang Yangming, a Ming dynasty scholar who is highly regarded as one of the four greatest masters of Confucianism in history and contributed selflessly to educating the community in the form of setting up schools to spread Confucianism.
With many of the volcanoes belonging under Tatun volcano group in existence beneath the heart of Yangmingshan national park such as Mt Zhuzi, Mt. Xiaoguanyin, Mt. Qixing, Mt. Datun, Mt. Huangzui, Mt. Dajianhou, Mt. Shamao, and at a mere elevation of approximate 200-1100metres above sea unlike other national parks with higher elevations and a total area in excess of 11,000 hectares, Yangmingshan is able to attract droves of locals and foreigners alike to visit as it offers unique scenes like no others.
A multitude of volcanic related activities such as soaking in natural hotsprings in the wilderness to remove all stress and body aches, witness the amazing fumaroles intermittently emitting steam, keep a lookout for the wide variety of flora and fauna for gorgeous instagrammable photos or just take a stroll in the tranquil park.
Some natives of Yangmingshan includes the small mammals such as formosan gem faced civet, Rock monkey, Wild boar, hare, red bellied squirrels, over 100 over species of birds like the Chinese bamboo partridge, Japanese white eye, black bul bul, Taiwan blue magpie, 50 plus reptiles such as bamboo viper and cobra, 20 over types of amphibians amongst others.
Yangmingshan is a picturesque location all year round as a wide variety of flowers bloom in great abundance. Witness the seasons change and go flower plucking at a fee as different flowers bloom with cherry blossoms and camellias first in line during Jan-march, Calla lilies and Yoshino cherry blossoms following closely during Apr-may, Azaleas from May-Oct, with white silver grass last in queue from Oct-nov enveloping the entire landscape just in time for a white Christmas.
Some popular places of attractions while at Yangmingshan includes Xiaoyoukeng for fumaroles, sulphur crystals, hot springs, Qingtiangang for some lush greenery, have a dip in 40°C Lengshuikeng or Erziping for some insanely pretty poetical backdrop for photo shoots.
Do not give Yangmingshan a miss while at Taiwan.

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