Updated on: October 12, 2017


Xiaoyoukeng 小油坑 is the formation of post volcanic activities located at the foot of Mt. Qixing and at 1120 metres, My. Qixing is the highest dormant mountain within Yangmingshan National Park in Beitou north, Taipei, Taiwan.
Xiaoyoukeng literally meaning “little oil pit” is truly a befitting name for this attraction as it is indeed a pit within the face of Mt. Qixing that is formed since the eruption some 700,000 BC ago. Xiayoukeng is a furamole, continuously emitting steam and sulphur gas creating a almost magical backdrop for photo shoot. One might find several small pools of sulphuric water surrounding the area which locals use to cook mineral rich, tasty eggs.
A look from the viewing platform overlooks the cones of nearby volcanoes while a stroll down the bamboo trail provides a relaxing experience amidst the lush greenery.

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