Updated on: September 21, 2017


Five fujian families bought over five tracts of land and renamed it as Wufenpu. Wufenpu was initially used for farming activities and subsequently, rehoming of individuals that lost their homes during the 1958 typhoon causing “the flood of Aug 7”, which nearly devoured entire Taipei city.
Many inhabitants are garment makers who typically operate shops selling ready made clothings on the first floor while residing on the second floor. Wufenpu with its maze of lanes and alleys amounting up to 1000 shops, has been touted as the trendiest and most comprehensive garment, bags, shoes, accessories wholesale market in Taipei. Be sure to wear covered footwear to avoid getting run over by the trolleys, scooters and large vans driving through the narrow walkways though the drivers usually have pretty good driving skills.
Avoid Mondays where shops and outside vendors restock their goods, visit on Tuesdays for new arrivals or Sundays for bargain buys. Shops generally operate from 11am – 10pm with some closing earlier.

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