Updated on: December 28, 2017


Nestled within the mountain of Shiding in new Taipei city, Taiwan is a hidden treasure known as Thousand Lake Island 千島湖 similarly named as the attraction in Qiandao lake, mainland China.
This area is a fertile piece of land with perfect climate conditions for cultivation of tea leaves. With the steps cut into the mountains and the irregular hills surrounding the catchment area reflecting upon the upstream Feitsui reservoir 翡翠水庫, it forms the impression of a thousand lake thus the unique name.
This gorgeous beauty is not pretty to look at, it also produces some of Taiwan finest tea leaves like Wanshan pouchong and dongfang meiren while Bagua tea garden is also in the area.
For photography enthusiast, thousand lake island is an extremely ideal location for scenery taking.
It is especially mesmerizing when the entire area is engulfed with mist as though entering another realm and the first glimmer of hope during sunrise, last peek of sunlight during sunset. Thousand lake island is an idyllic and picturesque place to comfort the souls of city dwellers.

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