Updated on: June 11, 2018


Tamsui Customs Officers’ residence 小白宮 (前清淡水總稅務司官邸) was established in the 1870s by the Qing governance when Taiwan started foreign trading in the early 1860s as the quarters for foreign officers employed to oversee operations within Tamshui port.
While there used to be three such residences, only the Tamsui customs officers residences remains today.
With foreigners in mind, this architecture is a subtle beauty with its colonial styled ashened white appearance, column pillars, cathedral-like cutouts from pieces of wall, dangling ceiling lamps and wooden windows, giving off a laid back country side rustic feel accompanied with the vast greenery in the adjoining courtyard.
The presence of such a tranquil area is a good respite from the noisy and crowded Tamshui old street under the sweltering heat.