Updated on: June 11, 2018


Taiwan Toy Museum 台灣玩具博物館established 2003 in Banqiao, Taiwan, began with late Mr Jiang love for toys and his passion to share his collection of toys with all like minded individuals out there.
With humble origins from the countryside of Douliu Town, Yunlin County, Taiwan, founder late Mr Jiang and fellow playmates were able to make the best out of the circumstances by creating toys from everyday objects like bricks, leaves, tiles much to the amusement of themselves.
All in all, three thousand different rare antique toys spanning over several decades were painstakingly curated by late Mr Jiang over the years and are carefully displayed in the museum. Currently, Mrs Jiang continues the legacy of Mr Jiang and continues to safeguard the museum they love while systematically displaying toys of the same generation along with their individual stories ranging from as far back with toys such as Pot Casting, Throwing Jug, Striking Planks, Mallet Ball to the latest robot toys and figurines. Visitors are welcome to reminisce the past and play with these toys in the open areas provided.
Like what Mr Jiang used to say,
“Toys can really freeze the passage of time, make time remain at this moment while keeping our minds pure.”
Visit and be amazed by what the previous generation has to offer.

The Gallery

The Gallery