Updated on: October 2, 2017


Taipei Story House 台北故事館 located in Zhongshan district, Taipei, Taiwan previously known as Yuanshan mansion is a architecture constructed in the 1913 by Tan tiau chun, a tea merchant as a guest house to accommodate influential merchants and locals.
Taipei story house is built in to resemble British tudor style using red bricks, wooden English tudor style beams, red bricks laid fireplaces, roof with curved eaves, decorated with colorful stained glass and beautiful chandeliers, all of which reflects the glitz and glamour of the earlier twentieth century style. There are over a hundred species of flowers and monuments adorning the European style garden and pool. No stones were left unturned in creating a landscaped garden to complement the British tudor style building.
Taipei Story House currently functions as a museum to promote arts and cultural appreciation with the showcase of different exhibitions such as tea appreciation, literary recitations and more.
Be sure to drop by to check out the exhibitions or even just to take a look at the gorgeous story house.

The Gallery

The Gallery