Updated on: October 11, 2017


Taipei Botanical Garden 台北植物園 started off as a humble nursery in 1896 during the Japanese era occupying 8.2ha of land in Zhongzheng district, Taipei, Taiwan and was renamed as such in 1921, becoming the first botanical garden of Taiwan.
The land in which Taipei botanical garden sits on is an important archeological site of Taiwan with many cultural relics beneath and with two historical monuments sits within the garden – a herbarium built in 1924 with specimens dating back a century ago and the museum of imperial envoy lodging rehomed in current location in 1933 renamed as Bu-Cheng-Shih-Sz Museum.
Taipei botanical garden serves as a library of information for all living plants and plant specimens to aid scientific researches, nurture plant species for better chances at plant diversity conservation and educate the public on through exhibitions and other various activities.
The magnificent European style dome shaped structures greeting visitors first thing after passing the main metal gates is a truly uplifting experience for the mood. Venture pass to explore and bask in the natural glorious sun.

The Gallery

The Gallery