Updated on: October 9, 2017


The Taipei city government bureau established the Taipei Artist Village (TAV) 臺北國際藝術村 in 2001 at the conservation engineering office at Beiping East road, Taipei, Taiwan in a bid to materialize the concept of “space regeneration” where old and derelict buildings are given a second lease of life and at the same time, provides a chance to preserve valuable historical architectures.
This AIR (artist in residence) idea to facilitate space regenration projects’ aim is to create a global nomadic art exchange experience with absolutely no boundaries where artists irregardless of race, gender, age, different fields of study can literally experience eating, working and sleeping together within the same space.
A four storeyed derelict building in the central administrative region with is the chosen base to kick start this project with Taipei artist village(TAV) being first in line. Within Taipei artist village, there exist an office, three exhibition halls, dark studio, piano room and over 13 different artists at any one period of time in residence to mimic the work room which different artists may require. In addition, a music bar area is available at ground floor to enjoy live music performances.
With thanks to overwhelming response, a second suitable location at Treasure hill was slated to be the next big thing.
Treasure Rock International Art Village sits atop Treasure hill and is a series of historical illegal settlements built scatteredly on the hillsides in the 1960s by illegal immigrants.
Due to its unique formation, it was classified as a historical building in 2004 and with repairworks, “Treasure Rock International Arts Village” was finally established in 2010 by the Foundation of Taipei City Cultural Foundation.
With three separate districts – “Treasure Rock International Art Village”, “Treasure Home”, “International Youth Club” housing the locals, resident artists and visitors, the aim of such is to depict the authenticity of life in the process of historical settlement by experiencing actual site accommodation and feel the vibes of the area.
With 14 studios of work space, rehearsal room, exhibition room, outdoor exhibition arena under the clear blue skies, Treasure Rock International Art Village is indeed a vibrant place to be at.
While Taipei Artist Village is relatively accessible by public transportation and nearer to city, Treasure Rock International Art Village is more secluded and peaceful like the countryside.

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