Updated on: June 5, 2018


The iconic Taipei 101 took five years to construct and was completed in 2004 and true to its name, consist of 101 levels above ground and five basement levels. For six long years after its construction, it held the title as the world tallest building standing at approximately 509m.
With the frequent natural disasters like earthquakes and typhoons occurring in Taiwan, Taipei101 have been equipped with features that are flexible yet structurally resistant to withstand even the strongest of wind and tremors which occur in a 2,500 year ever cycle. Technicalities aside, Taipei101 foundation uses high performance steel, thirty odd columns with eight mega columns being filled densely with concrete and at the building core connects to the exterior at every eight floor intervals making Taipei101 one of the most stable building ever constructed.
A hefty 660 tonne steel pendulum costing NT$132 mil to build suspended from 92-87th floor serves as a tuned mass damper alongside two other mass dampers weighing 6 tonnes each at the tip of the spire to effectively prevent strong wind from damaging the building structure.
With double panelled glazed blue green glass exterior, this beauty is designed to resemble resilient bamboos and also serve a functional aspect of reducing heat and UV from the external atmosphere of about an estimated 50 percent. The roof and facade recycled water system go green initiative from Taipei101 is able to cool down the building as well as support 30 percent of its own water needs. Taipei101 commissioned Japanese Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation (TELC) for its elevators which sets the world breaking record by being the fastest ascending elevator ever, costing NT$80mil to commission and bringing visitors from 5th – 89th floor in a mere 37 seconds.
Taipe101 design incorporates many Chinese elements such as bamboos for learning and growth towards the sky, ruyi for healing and protection, ingots, pagoda design and the levels are segregated in series of eight floors each which signifies good fortune, abundance and prosperity.
Taipei101 is split into 3 sections being commercial retail, office work spaces and viewing arena. 5th floor is the ticketing area, while the damper can be viewed from the 88th floor, visit 89th floor for an indoor unobstructed panorama view of entire Taipei and some sovenirs of damper baby. If that does not suffice, visit 91st floor for an outdoor viewing experience while enjoying the previous firework displays from Taipei101. B1-6th floor provides all the renowned international brands for a fulfilling shopping experience and come mealtime, a range of restaurants are scattered around B1, 4th-5th, 35-36th and 85-86th floors.
Understandably as a mascot fanatic and Japan lover, Taiwan commissioned the undisputed “big brother” of cartoon Sanrio, was roped in to create the much loved damper baby mascots in gold, black, silver and red. Be sure to bring some home while at Taipei 101.

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