Updated on: June 30, 2018


Before Songshan Cultural and Creative Park 松山文創園區 in Xinyi district, Taipei, Taiwan was named as such in 2001 and classified as the 99th historical site of the city, it was initially a tobacco village back in the 1937 built by the Japanese to produce and store cigarettes and is better known as Songshan Tobacco Plant of the Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Bureau in 1947 then.
Within the village lies the main factory, a neutral tone colored Japanese architectural styled building that is huge enough to require east west wings like that of the usual production factories and it has aged pretty well over the years. It is indeed surprising to see a
baroque style themed garden complete with a two tiered water fountain in the middle of the tobacco village. Japanese does care for the general well being of people as areas of recreation like the baroque garden with list greenery, courtyard and open spaces are available supposedly for some tea time relaxation. Somehow this entire area reminds one of a Japanese high school layout.
Songyan gallery is a collection of artefacts where one can get to see the former glory of the tobacco factory and the tools of the trade.
Besides, there are many different art exhibitions ongoing and novelty products can be purchased here as well as souvenirs.

The Gallery

The Gallery