Updated on: October 5, 2017


Indigenous aka aborigines groups of people are the original inhabitants of Taiwan way before modern civilization and this is the exact reason for the establishment of Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines 順益台灣原住民博物館 in 1994.
Great lengths have been taken by its founder all these years to source and amass his personal collection of aboriginal artefacts with the hope of being able to pay it forward to society someday. Shung Ye museum establishment was made possible by showcasing the founder personal collection of artefacts and his knowledge in the culture field of studies.
Shung Ye Museum main exhibition showcases the natural habitats of Taiwan indigenous tribes and the most commonly used objects along with introductions on their daily habits, weapons, customary rituals, religions and more.
Of particular mention would be the intricately designed, brightly colored artworks by the aborigines which are usually reflected on their weaved clothing and personal items which they use to adorn themselves as they are renowned to be very great artists, of which the colorful displays would be extremely suitable objects for photography enthusiasts.
Shung Ye museum also air videos in the auditorium as visual aids to further allow visitors to understand the living conditions of Aborigines. Related cultural exhibitions are held regularly at a special events room to address the concerns of visitors.
Shung Ye museum is dedicated to create awareness, instill mutual respect for one another and to generally create a peaceful and harmonious society that we all live in today by preserving artefacts of the minority groups, understand the rituals, habits and the way of living of the different ethnic groups.
With understanding and tolerance for each other, fulfil the founder ideology of “In loving our native place we must cherish each other’s cultures” can be fulfilled.

The Gallery

The Gallery