Updated on: September 30, 2017


Shifen Waterfall 十分大瀑布 is another splendid attraction within the Pingxi district, Taipei, Taiwan being the broadest waterfall at 40m width and fall of 20m.
As Shifen waterfall is within close proximity to Shifen old street and does not requires much effort to reach compared to other harder to reach waterfalls, it is probably one of the visitors most frequently visited waterfalls.
With a U shaped design and such powerful force of running waters, Shifen waterfall is also termed the little Niagara of Taiwan.
As the water cascades rapidly into the bottom pits glistening under the sunlight.
Shifen waterfall creates delightful rainbows which earns itself yet another nickname as the rainbow pond.
With such a magnificent view of the cascading waterfall happily smashing against the bottom pits, these are the finer things in life worth living for.

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