Updated on: June 6, 2018


Red House 西門紅樓 and it’s surrounding square is a western influenced architecture built in the 1900s and is undisputedly the most recognized building within Ximending area in downtown Taipei.
While this quaint area used to house a public market in its earlier days, it is now graded as a National Heritage site to be preserved for many years to come.
Naturally, Red House with its distinctive octagonal entrance has been modernized and is now a leader in Taiwan creative and culture industry as a platform for hosting cultural events, concerts, exhibitions, performances and is the perfect venue for budding local artiste to showcase and peddle their art pieces within the perimeters of the outdoor market.
Do not be surprised to see the LGBT community within the area as the alfresco bars and surrounding area is home to the community though all are welcome.
Do pay red house a visit for the beautiful architecture and bring home some unique art pieces.

The Gallery

The Gallery