Updated on: June 30, 2018


The Presidential Office Building 中華民國總統府 located in zhongzheng district Taipei, Taiwan have a long standing history with the political power in Taiwan since its creation in 1919 almost a century ago with it formerly being the office of the governor general during the Japanese colonial days.
In 1906, a architectural design competition was held for two years to create a masterpiece that was created by locals to be accepted and well loved by all. Due to the design strong resemblance to the peace Palace in Hague, the much favored design from Kichibei Suzuki was rejected by the panel of judges. Yet, the panel refuse to admit the design of second place winner Uheiji Nagano citing that Uheiji Nagano was not qualified to do so, design lacks ancillary structures and insufficient.
Subsequently, architect Matsunosuke Moriyama was brought in and using Uheiji Nagano design, proposed to heightened the original six storeyed central tower into a more imposing eleven storeys.
With 2.8million yen and seven years later, the presidential office building was finally completed and comes equipped with advanced technologies such as electricity, telephone system, elevators at four corners of the building and one in the main building, boiler system and garbage collection system.
Not being extensive enough, a warehouse, garage, movie theatre, transportation division and barrack for military police were slowly added within the building as well.
Truly amazing how a presidential office is being made into such a well rounded and multi functional building but this move does bring people emotionally closer to the building.
The irony is that, during World war II, Japanese army still bombed this building that was created by them despite attempts to camoflauge the building.
After the extensive damage caused after world war II, 1946 witnessed the building name change to “chieh should hall” to commemorate Chiang Kai Shek 60th birthday after much reparation works and it was only in 2006 that Presidential office building was named as such.

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