Updated on: October 1, 2017


National Theater and Concert Hall are two separate performing arts venue built in the Zhongzheng district in central Taipei, Taiwan where many government buildings call home and was officially opened to the public in 1987. This plot of land used to be military grounds until it was converted into a memorial centre for president Chiang Kai Shek in 1975 and currently houses the National Theater and Concert Hall which cost a massive NT$7.4billion alongside Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall.
For simplicity sake, these two are termed as the National Theater & Concert Hall 國家兩廳院 and sits opposite to each other with Chiang kai shek memorial hall in the centrestage.
National Theater & Concert Hall architectural design are in the likeliness of a Chinese palace featuring gold upturned gable roofs with eaves, auspiciously red colonnades, multi colored arches and other intricate details. While this kind of majestic and imposing designed structures were only fit for the royalties in the ancient times, the National Theater & Concert Hall is
a very significant landmark in Taipei which is also crucial in instilling the culture of arts appreciation for the younger generation.
National Theater & Concert Hall is a very imposing and grand structure in the morning and when night falls, it looks absolutely stunning with the lights encircling and illuminating the entire structure which makes even its reflection in the lake gorgeous. National Theater & Concert Hall currently houses the National Symphony Orchestra, National Chinese Orchestra and National Chorus.
To allow more flexibility and efficiency in corporational issues as well as programming structures, the once government branch has been deregulated to a independent performing arts centre.
National Theater & Concert Hall since its formation has allowed for the showcase of many different forms of performing arts from many different areas across Asia which in turn, elevates its standing in the international arts scene to a certain level and increases the arts appreciation knowledge of locals.
Visit National Theater & Concert Hall for different arts showcase and get a feel of the vibe of Taiwan arts scene.

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