Updated on: June 30, 2018


The National Taiwan Museum is the oldest museum in Taiwan. It was first established in 1908 by the Japanese government and remains at its original site till today. The museum offers exhibitions of collections that go all the way back to the Paleolithic Age, about twenty to thirty thousand years ago. Discover and learn about Taiwan’s prehistoric culture, people and ecology through these permanent exhibitions. Occasionally, the museum organises special exhibits for a limited period of time to educate the public on specific themed collections as well.
The Classical architecture of the museum is an exhibit itself as the building is covered in intricate designs. On the exterior, visitors are greeted with the museum’s Greek Temple façade while the interior brings one back to the renaissance period.
From the colonial era to present day, the museum has witnessed and recorded the natural and anthropological developments of the land. Visitors will be able to observe these developments and appreciate the wonders of Taiwanese culture, geology, flora, and fauna in this very place.

The Gallery

The Gallery