Updated on: September 22, 2017


National Palace Museum 國立故宮博物院 was founded way back in 1925 within the confines of Beijing forbidden city and was subsequently relocated to its current location in Taipei Shihlin district, Taiwan by directives from the Republic of China government in 1949 with the National palace museum officially welcoming the public only in 1965.
From its very day of creation, these 600,000 over artefacts housed in the National palace museum was foreseeable to meet many trials and tribulations given the fact that these are indeed priceless national treasures with over 7,000 years of history inherited from the Song, Yuan, Ming, Tang and Qing dynasties.
At all times, precautionary measures were of upmost considerations to ensure the safety of artefacts.
When Japanese Kwantung army gained control over Shan hai kuan in 1931 and situations in northern China being unstable, a prepatory office was formed to organise and oversee the move in excess of 13,000 containers of museum collection to Shanghai. While in 1937, the Marco Polo bridge incident forced the relocation of collection once again in three separate batches via sea on a huge roundabout to three different locations while actively participating in the 1940 Chinese art exhibition in Moscow, the 1942 National art exhibition in Chongqing branch and even hosted a National Beiping Palace Museum Painting Exhibition at the Chongqing Branch of the National Central Library and the Guizhou Provincial Museum of Art in 1943-1944 to encourage the public during the war. Such dedication it seem to spread cultivation of arts appreciation even during tumultuous times.
After the surrender of Japanese troops in 1945, the entire collection were shipped back safely, palace museums in Peking and Nanking underwent repair works while a fine selection of carefully curated crates of works were shipped to Taiwan and housed within Wufeng, Beigou district of Taichung in 1948. Realizing Beigou is a rather isolated area not heavy on tourism, the current National palace museum was built.
Over the years, the National palace museum have constantly seek means to improve and upgrade in terms of museum collections and technological advancements to keep in touch with its motto of promoting and preserving Chinese culture and traditions as well as enhancing public art appreciation of the younger generations to come.
The management of National palace museum have all these years seek to protect the museum collection close to their hearts at all costs, it seems like there is no better way to acknowledge their efforts by giving the museum a visit while at Taiwan.

The Gallery

The Gallery