Updated on: October 4, 2017


National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall 國立國父紀念館 located within Zhongshan park in the Xinyi district, Taipei, Taiwan was built in 1972 and occupies 7.3 acres of land as a tribute to commemorate the founding father of Republic of China, Dr. Sun Yat-sen.
The architectural style resembles that of a temple with basic orange hues as the main color for the rooftop that is designed with upturned eaves and white pillars as support enshrining Dr. Sun Yat-sen.
The memorial hall chronologically showcases the entire lifetime efforts of Dr. Sun Yat-sen attempts to revolutionize China and finally overthrowing Qing dynasty. Dr. Sun Yat-sen is no mere leader, he is the one that gave people hopes by representing the voice of the majority during tumultuous times in China and with him leading by example, a set of three core values was established as a guiding beacon of light for all – Nationalism, Democracy and the livelihood of people.
At the memorial hall entrance stands a statue of the great nation founding father and guards who perform hourly shift changing march which happens to be quite a grand affair popular with visitors eager to catch a glimpse of the ritual.
Dr. Sun Yat-sen is revered man for the fact that important functions such as
the Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards are held in the memorial hall auditorium annually.
With gardens, emerald pond, huge exhibition areas, and educational historical walls, this memorial hall is a hidden treasure trove for history buffs.
Do spend some time to have some refreshments in the many restaurants, have a stroll down the health trail or simply have some family fun kite flying.

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The Gallery