Updated on: October 2, 2017


National Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall 中正紀念堂 is erected within Chiang Kai Shek memorial park at the former 25 hectares military base site in Zhongzheng district, central Taipei, Taiwan to honor the late president cum leader Chiang Kai Shek after his demise in 1975 and was officially opened to public in 1980.
The memorial hall consist of three storeys symbolizing impartiality and righteousness for which Zhongzheng means and 89 steps to commemorate the age at late president Chiang time of death. The roof is covered with blue glazed tiles to reflect sunlight with the apex of the roof in decadent gold color and is shaped like an altar to heaven in an octogonal shape to create many 人(man) signifying the unification of mankind and the heavens up above.
With an entirely white architectural concept, Chinese styled lattice windows with 26 different motifs and sheltered corridors with exercise corners, the vibes given off are of purity, tranquility and communal space for everyone to bond together through activities.
Yunhan and Guanghua ponds are homes to variety of fishes within the enchanting gardens complete with artificial ridges, mountains and pathways. The highlight of it all should be the various kind of plants and flowers like plum blossom, cherry blossom and osmanthus blossom at different seasons of the year.
With a 30metres, five panelled archway modelled after classic Chinese style arches and pillars adorned with sapphire blue glazed tiles with the words “Liberty Square” inscribed, this elegant and imposing arch is a perfect complement to Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall and sure does represent what late president Chiang fought for during his reign for his people.
Within the memorial hall showcases exhibitions depicting late president Chiang entire life happenings. Visit this historical site to understand a leaders’ sacrifice for his people.

The Gallery

The Gallery