Updated on: September 28, 2017


Nanya unique rock 南雅奇岩 is also located at the northern coast like its fellow perculiarly shaped “friends” (cue queen head of Yehliu) as these great giant rocks are also formed at the coastal lines consisting mainly of sedimentary rocks which are naturally crafted by the erosion process of weathering along with the unforgiving strong waves that arrives from the Pacific ocean so frequently.
As there are many different elements contained within these perculiar rocks, weathering rings started forming around Nanya unique rock and the nearby platform of rocks creating a myraid of dazzling swirls of different shades of color around the structures supposedly due to its high iron deposits.
With the picturesque scenery against the cloudy blue skies, it never fails to calm the most stressful minds.
Be forewarned though, the paths are pretty uneven so do put on some decent walking shoes and pants preferably due to the strong winds.

The Gallery

The Gallery