Updated on: May 22, 2018


Lin An Tai Historical House and Museum 林安泰古厝民俗文物館 is a historical building reconstructed in the 1978 in the Zhongshan district Taipei, Taiwan.
Nearly 200 years ago, Lin Chin Ming, a businessman from native Fujian province travelled with his family to Taiwan and built the house naming it as Antai after his birthplace, Anxi county and company, Rongtai company.
The original location on which the house was built at Siwei road, is situated southwest for good fengshui yet it faced demolition as it failed to be listed as a historical site but was subsequently spared and reconstructed at the current location with the petition of experts.
Lin An Tai Historical House was constructed based on the fujian architectural style of Ming and Qing dynasties.
A crescent shaped pond exist outside the house for fengshui purpose to bring wealth and practical reason to cool down the atmosphere,
front yard paved with red stones to encourage smooth sailing in business dealings and is anti slip, while a single piece of stone is used to carve out the pillow-shaped stones, gate pillars and hollows for door axles and are each individual doors are equipped with a hidden lock,
wood and stone brackets to resist earthquakes, an internal court, halls, five wings, ancestral worshipping area and many others.
This ancient red bricked house is very rarely seen in current times and serve as a very useful referencing point of consideration for architectural constructions given that our forefathers encountered worst storms yet are able to deal with it using the simplest and most effective of construction methods to overcome it.

The Gallery

The Gallery