Updated on: October 7, 2017


Juming Museum 朱銘美術館 was completed in 1999, Jinshan District, New Taipei, Taiwan displaying the works of Juming, a Taiwanese sculptor.
Juming was initially an apprentice under Lee Chin Chuan and in his later life, to Yang Yu Yu to further hone his sculpting skills.
Juming works gained recognition and fame at the 1976 ten outstanding youths award after his mentor Yang Yu Yu convinced the National museum of history to showcase Juming works to more audience. Slowly after, Juming works gained international acclaim and started exhibiting his works abroad.
Juming later funded the set up of Juming museum with over 2000 pieces of his own collection which turns out to be his largest artwork till date, taking him 12 years to design and personally did hands on installation of his sculptures to successfully convert the barren land into a arts sculpture park museum.
The entire sculpture park museum adopts a open exhibition concept where visitors can interact with the artworks, occupying 110,000 sq metres with accompanying breathtaking mountain and ocean views. There are also various halls to provide for special functions, corporate events, conferences of all kind.
Take the chance to visit JuMing museum and indulge in a world of arts within the tranquil sculpture park.

The Gallery

The Gallery