Updated on: June 11, 2018


It is indeed an irony how forts were built to resemble the style of their very enemies that such forts were meant to defend against and Huwei aka Hobe Fort 滬尾礮 in the Tamsui district of Taipei, Taiwan is one such example.
During the Sino French war in the 1880s, in a bid to secure current day Vietnam, Qing government wage war against France and ended up losing Tamsui to the latter. The Chinese troops realized that their coastal defence were penetrable and adopted the foreigner strategy of building forts at every major sanctuary in an attempt to overthrow them.
Completed in 1886, Hobe Fort is one of the many forts built at that time and armed with powerful German cannons, it was a lucky survivor the war, not getting engaged in the actions. It comes as no surprise that Hobe Fort is in relatively good shape even today. A museum depicting the happenings in the area was erected within the vault.
Do visit Hobe Fort to experience life of the yesteryear.