Updated on: June 16, 2018


Hain-Wang aka Hsinwang Shu Ceramics Memorial Museum 許新旺陶瓷博物館 along Yingge Old Street, Yingge district, Taipei, Taiwan was established in 1926 and it is Taiwan very first central government evaluated and approved tourism factory.
Besides preserving numerous historical ceramic products, artefacts such as manual kick pulley system and the old school revolving machine for shaping bowls are also kept intact. With special mention, the antique gas kiln capable of extremely high temperatures is an indispensable tool in the yesteryear and current day manufacturing of ceramics as well, is vital to dry, harden and initiate chemical reactions to create gorgeous, long lasting pottery, tiles, bricks and others.
As soon as it became a tourist attraction, creative modernized pottery products that are more relevant to the audience of today became an instant hit with visitors.
Besides just doing some shopping and admiring the works of yesteryear, visitors can also participate in professional, instructor guided DIY pottery creation courses which include things like the hand thrown pottery course and also hand and feet press DIY works.
Bring home hand made momento from the friendly Taiwan today!