Updated on: October 22, 2017


Tamsui Fisherman wharf 漁人碼頭 is located in the Tamshui area, a smaller city in the northern part of Taipei, Taiwan.
From Tamsui old street, a 15min ferry ride is all it takes to arrive at fisherman wharf with all the sights and sounds from the hustle and bustle of Tamsui old street droning away steadily as the ferry steers further out into the sea.
Tamsui Fishermen wharf is a multi purpose fishing port
developed solely for leisure and comes complete with numerous restaurants, floating piers, a spacious park and in recent years, attracted many young merry makers to dock there and most importantly, the highlight of the area, the lovers bridge. The lovers bridge is built to resemble a boat and it spans 300m across the habour at the waterfront and a flaming red LOVE adorns the end of the lovers bridge.
Seafood, gorgeous sunsets, romance, relaxing are the words that are associated with fisherman wharf.
Many visitors will choose a space at the dock area while awaiting the arrival of the pinkish hue sunset against the cloudy azure sky creating a beautiful ombre shade before disappearing into the horizon. After witnessing the magnificent view, rainbow of lights from under the lovers bridge will illuminate itself and the surroundings for yet another beautiful scene.
With the vast amount of space to rest and relax, calming sea breeze, beautiful views, lovely companion and delicious food, what more can one ask for?

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