Updated on: June 6, 2018


Notably the tallest architecture in Taiwan is the Taipei 101 located downtown within the Xinyi district. Several attractions within Taipei have gotten famous based on their strategic positions which provides for a clearer view of the Taipei 101.
Elephant mountain, also termed as Xiangshan 象山 is situated within the area where the last station of the MRT red line sits.
With proper signages from the MRT exit, the trail entrance to Elephant mountain is approximately 15 mins away. The trail in reality is a series of narrow steps inching slowly ascending upwards to the Elephant mountain and it should safely take a normal individual to reach a clearing with several gorgeous moss covered boulders where visitors can stop by to have their first round of photo taking session. Shortly after, the fitness corner where many locals arrive to do their morning workouts will emerge into view.
This is the very place where one can oversee the magnificent Taipei in all its glory. Venturing further upwards will bring people into an otherworldly Zen Buddhist garden with several bronze statues.
Hiking up this trail to Elephant mountain is a pretty achievable goal and requires no training for random individuals. Do give it a try to experience a different Taiwan.