Updated on: September 18, 2017


In order to promote business development and enhance the public’s understanding of the postal business, Chunghwa Post founded the Postal Museum on December 1st, 1965 which was officially opened to the public on March 20th the following year. The old museum was located in Xindian, which is remote and not easily accessible. To fulfill its original intent as a form of social education, the museum was moved to its current location (No.45, Sec. 2, Chongqing S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City) in 1984, which was much more convenient for the public. On October 10th of the same year, the new museum was officialy open to the public.

The Postal Museum focuses mainly on the exhibition of stamps, postal history and cultural relics. The 3rd floor “Postal History Section”, the 4th floor“Children’s Postal Amusement Park” and the 5th floor“The World of Stamp” are the permanent exhibition areas, that not only present a brilliant introduction to postal history and business, but also exhibits more than eighty thousand stamps from around the world. Postal and other special exhibitions will be held in the 2nd floor “Postal Gallery” and 6th floor “Special Exhibition Gallery” from time to time. For stamp enthusiasts, we sell exquisite philatelic products at the 1st floor Service counter and provide rich postal and philatelic books for borrowing at the 7th floor “Library”.

In January 18th, 2015, “Postal Museum Taipei Beimen Branch- Museum for Parent-Child Interaction” (address: 2F., No.114, Sec. 1, Zhongxiao W. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City) was established to celebrate the completion of the external wall renovation of the monument of Taipei Post Office as well as the 50th anniversary of The Postal Museum. It is an education exhibition hall with a Mail Box Display Area, a Boutique Display Area, a Time Corridor, a Gallery Corner, a Photo Area, a Parent-Child Puzzle Area and a Room for Special Exhibitions.

The Gallery

The Gallery