Updated on: June 6, 2018


Bopiliao Historical Block 剝皮寮歷史街區 initiative located in Wanhua district, one of Taiwan oldest district is a strategic move by Taiwan government to serve as a walk through history recollection of life in wanhua back in those days for elderlys to reminisce and for younger generations to understand the tougher days of the yesteryear.
Using actual historical street and architectures within which are conserved as national treasures dating back from Qing dynasty (1600s – 1800s) to buildings constructed during Japanese occupation (1800s – 1900s) as the location for the history walk through enables visitors to admire the beautifully created architectures as well.
Some historical significance of Bopiliao is that it used to serve as the main route connecting Bangka to Guting village and also function as a important military base back in the Qing dynasty witnessing throughout the entire development of Bangka district.
Fans alert, this very site was used as the scene for the movie Monga which Ethan ruan starred in.
A walk through Bopiliao historical block deepens the knowledge of Taiwan mixed culture and history.
Do take a chance to visit Bopiliao historical block as there are not much red brick structures left in this fast paced modern society.

The Gallery

The Gallery