Updated on: June 30, 2018


Situated 40 minutes away from the southern terminus of Taipei green line Xindian station, Taiwan lies a hidden gem unbeknownst to many individuals, introducing the Bitan Suspension Bridge 碧潭吊橋.
Do not dismiss this off as yet another bridge for it is indeed pretty different from the regular bridges of the norm that emphasize only on functionality and in fact, Bitan suspension bridge has became a landmark of New Taipei city since 1936.
Bitan Suspension Bridge sits across the Xindian river and it is the “matchmaker” to bridge the 200m gap between east and west neighborhoods of the creek.
There are many different activities for families to enjoy such as canoeing, paddle boating in the swans, fishing, barbecue or simply anything under the sun. Along the riverbank lies many pushcarts with traditional local delicacies like the Taiwan sausage, freshly cut fruits, aiyu drink, shaved peanut ice cream amongst others while the boardwalk features more upmarket feel of many different restaurants and cafes offering all kinds of cuisines such as western pizza and pastas, curry, noodles, dessert and many others to sip a cuppa while enjoying the scenery and watch families have fun.
Come nighttime, enjoy the unique differentiating factor of the illuminating bridge where different light beam colors light up the otherwise dull surrounding areas.
Bitan Suspension Bridge is truly a place to chill and relax in the tranquil nature.

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