Updated on: September 27, 2017


In the Neihu district Taipei, Taiwan relatively undiscovered by tourist lies Bihu Park 碧湖公園 which is in close proximity to National taiwan junior college of performing arts.
The former Dapi lake used to exist on this very piece of land for farming irrigation purposes until new housing estates were introduced to the Neihu area which sort of require the creation of Bihu park in 1987 supposedly for the benefit of new residents in the area, occupying over 13 hectares of land.
Bihu park consist of a wide range of facilities for recreational activities such as resting pavilions, cycling tracks, a nine turn bridge, study room for up to 45pax, tennis court, swimming pool and also serves as a starting point for hikes up the neighbouring mountains.
Stroll in the tranquil park amidst a variety of plant species mostly unique to Taiwan such as willows, azaleas, Ixora westii, baldcypresses, royal poincianas to name a few for a relaxing day.

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