Updated on: May 9, 2018


Beitou 北投 as the name suggest is located over the Datun volcanic group and exist in the extreme northern side of Taipei, Taiwan with its name derived from the Ketagalan aborigine word Kipatauw which meant “home of the witches” as many of the rivers in that area frequently emit geothermal heat similar to that of a witch cauldron even though the volcanoes are dormant.
Back in the earlier days when Japanese reign in the 1900s, Beitou was developed into a hot spring resort and subsequently became an infamous red light district in the 60s where men enjoy hot springs, delicacies and gorgeous young female entertainers which results in the development of many concrete hotels of convenience built around the area.
The 80s is a monumental new era of beginning where Taiwan government performed several vital developments such as making Beitou more easily accessible by adding a Metro line, clean up the red light district image, constructed numerous new apartments for young families and rebuilt or refurbished the concrete hotels into luxury spas which successfully transformed Beitou into the lucrative tourism location it is today.

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