Updated on: June 16, 2018


Bali Left Bank 八里左岸 located conveniently across Tamsui river at the bottom of Mount Guanyin, is a fairly new tourist attraction within new Taipei city, Taiwan that simply takes few minutes for you on a ferry ride to arrive.
To enjoy Bali left bank like the locals do, rent a affordably priced bicycle near the pier and leisurely cycle along the area to experience a panoramic view with the sea breeze going through your hair gently while exploring the area. Some notable attractions within reach of Bali left bank area would be the Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology (十三行博物館) and Watziwei Nature Conservation Area (挖子尾自然保護區).
A humble bicycle path that serves a greater purpose connects the popular North Coast tourist attraction with local villages, establishments, Taipei City as well as the many unique restaurants and cafes around are a godsend after a day of exploring. Do note that weekends are better as some shop might not be open due to the lack of visitors during weekdays.
Visit Bali left bank today to experience a whole new Taiwan at your fingertips.

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