Updated on: September 19, 2017


WuLai Old Street 烏來老街 is a small town famed for its hot springs and aboriginal culture. The name WuLai derives from Atayal 泰雅 (A tribe of Taiwanese aborigines) language which means hot and poisonous. It is an aboriginal village situated nearest to Taipei.

You will get to feast on Aboriginal cuisines like the wild boar sausages, wild vegetables, etc. There is also a natural hot spring running down from the river where you can soak your feet in.

As you explore this little town, you can get the chance to sit the WuLai Log Cart to the mountain area and visit further in to a waterfall called WuLai Falls. Enjoy the mountain view as you hike along the trail. There is a number of hot spring hotels here where you can have a short rest and enjoy hot springs, be sure to choose a hot spring on higher grounds as their source of spring water is the same.

It is recommended for you to drop by here during the weekday as weekend will be crowded with locals and tourists alike.

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