Updated on: September 19, 2017


Shenkeng Old Street 深坑老街 is the capital of Tofu. It is a traditional old street littered with olden days architectural buildings and scent of smelly tofu lingering in the air. Shenkeng is where you can get to taste different types of Tofu gourmet.

Upon entering the street of Shenkeng, you will come across a big wok of spicy mala smelly tofu 麻辣臭豆腐 with duck blood boiling in front of the restaurants on the side of the old street. As you walk further in, you will see little push carts peddling grilled smelly tofu which reputedly the best method to cook it and grilled chicken bottoms. Shops offer packet dried tofu and novel tofu ice cream products.

Other than tofu, you get to see different handmade Taiwanese snacks like the malted sugar peanut, brown sugar mochi, milk candy, brown sugar ginger tea and more. There are also shops selling handmade bags, coin pouches and retro toys.

We would strongly recommend this old street as it is filled with the nostalgic day atmosphere and the traditional taste of the food.

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