Updated on: September 19, 2017


The remnants of a mountainous village that was once a prosperous gold mining mountain became known as the Jiufen (nine parts) of today. This interesting name attributes mainly to the nine families that were rumoured to have existed on this very land back in the those days. While the glamour of Jiufen drastically fade into the background after gold mining activities ceased, it was subsequently revived when “A city of sadness” was filmed there and won an accolade in the Venice film festival. Japanese tourist flocked to Jiufen as it bears a strong resemblance to the setting in Japanese animated movie “Spirited Away” aired in 2001.

These might not be of an interest to some but one can never reject an offer to laze a breezy afternoon in one of Jiufen many rustic looking tea houses breathing in fresh air while enjoying the scenic view of the mountainous region and ocean view of the keelung harbour.

Amidst the strolls along the old street, why not try some of Jiufen’s delish local delicacies. Some must tries include crunchy peanut ice cream roll, chewy taro yam balls and traditional fuzhou fish ball delights. Personally, the aunties traditional handmade almond / cashew / sesame seed nutty candies are the best crunchy comfort food for reminiscing the good old days.

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